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The most important thing you’ll ever do is play the right music in the right balance and rotation. If the music isn’t right, your station will never perform the way you know it can. Our well-known industry success story of building and maintaining market-dominant music stations speaks for itself. SUITERADIO has you covered on music and proven clock strategy!

Expect a different level of service when working with a Specialty Radio Format Service.


SUITERADIO delivers the highly-refined programming you need to win. You can set it and forget it – or, insert news, sports, weather, remotes, local announcements, specialty dayparts, etc. all with complete, moment-to-moment Sync/HD flexibility.

Simple. Straightforward. Fool proof.
Put SUITERADIO to work at your station airing any one of our high-value, 24-hour formats.

Specialty Programming From SuiteRadio

The Todd Newton Morning Show

The world keeps on changing but great conversation never goes out of style!

The Rowdy Ride Home

Big Radio For The Afternoon

24/7 Formats From SuiteRadio

a more refined option for radio syndication

The Planet

Hot AC

The Planet: A format that plays today’s biggest and best artists. Targeted Demo 25-44, it is perfect for listening in a work environment! Core artists include Adele, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, and Coldplay.

The Revolution


The Revolution: A fresh, upbeat, hit-driven Alternative format, targeted to active 18-34 adults. Core artists include Twenty One Pilots, Green Day, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Foo Fighters.

The Rock

Classic Rock

The Rock: A multi-generational format built on the greatest rock songs of the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Core artists include Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith.

The Brand

Today’s Country Hits

The Brand: The Brand is a fresh presentation of today’s biggest Country Hits and Stars—remarkably Cutting Edge but Unapologetically Country! Fun and acclaimed Personalities host music from Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, and more with surprising variety!
On-Air Schedule

Mornings: Maria Todd
Afternoons: Jack Ryan
Nights: Mark Carrillo

Mornings: Jack Ryan
Afternoons: Kaitlin
Nights: Steve Robison

Mornings: Maria Todd
Afternoons: Jack Ryan
Nights: Tom Harris

On-Air Schedule
Monday – Friday
Mid-Days: Steve Robison
Afternoons: Pam Kelly
Nights: Graeme Nistler


Mid-Days: Steve Robison
Afternoons: Graeme Nistler


Mornings: Keegan Lucas
Mid-Days: Cruze
Afternoons: Pam Kelly
On-Air Schedule
Monday – Friday
Mornings: Outlaw Dave
Afternoons: Donna McKenzie
Nights: Ray Koob


Mornings: Outlaw Dave
Mid-Days: Donna McKenzie
Afternoons: Cruze
Nights: Ray Koob


Mornings: Outlaw Dave
Mid-Days: Donna McKenzie
Afternoons: Cruze
Nights: Ray Koob

On-Air Schedule
Monday – Friday
Mid-Days: Pam Kelly
Afternoons: Rowdy Yates
Nights: Tommy Jordan

Mid-Days: Steve Robison
Afternoons: Pam Kelly
Nights: Cruze

Mornings: Tommy Jordan
Mid-Days: Steve Robison
Afternoons: Rowdy Yates
Nights: Sam Stone

The Maxx

Classic Hits

The Maxx: A fresh new take on one of the most popular formats in North America. It’s a young, uptempo presentation of Classic Hits, targeted squarely at adults from 35 to 44. The carefully crafted music blend includes chart-topping hits from the biggest artists in our lifetime, including Michael Jackson, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, and the Eagles. This Classic Hits format takes fun and variety to the Maxx!

Made In Texas

It’s Pure, Distilled Texas!

Made In Texas: Made In Texas brings you the best music Texas has to offer! Stream a Texas-sized playlist filled with authentic Texas roots music, made by those who live it every day.

The Legend

Classic Country Favorites

The Legend: The Legend is here! It’s a fresh, new, custom-crafted, cream of the crop of CLASSIC COUNTRY favorites from the 70’s 80’s and 90s. Outlaws, Icons, Legends, Hat Acts, The Kings and Queens of Country, Super Groups, Dynamic Duos and Solo Stars, including Alabama, Reba, Alan Jackson, Waylon and Willie, The Judds, Brooks & Dunn, and of course, the KING of Country: George Strait. It’s the CLASSIC COUNTRY your market is hungry for!


Donna McKenzie

National voice over talent for the concert industry and, it’s been said, the single most recognizable voice in Houston radio. World class interview skills; just ask Willie. Needs her own Food Network Channel. Kind to animals. Voice of an angel and born with radio instincts to host, present and speak about music that matters.

2016 Inductee –
Texas Radio Hall of Fame

KHJK Houston/KLOL Houston/KZFX Houston/KHJZ Houston

Maria Todd

Maria is a born morning radio talent. With celebrities on speed dial, she’s spent a career on top of pop culture, with a twist. This motorcycle-riding morning character has a story to go with everything, Maria Todd brings it all in every day.

KRBE Houston/KHKS KISS FM Dallas/KMVQ FM NOW San Francisco/KHMX MIX Houston/WKSE KISS FM Buffalo

Outlaw Dave

Award winning Texas Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster working in Texas for the three decades in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and syndicated worldwide. This army veteran gave up his national audience to work at the infamous KLOL-Houston to better serve the multiple charities for whom Dave serves as board member. In Southeast Texas, Dave is closely involved with The Texas Assoc. of First Responders as well as other organizations that serve orphans, animals and veterans. Currently, Dave is heard on Houston’s oldest radio station, KPRC with an active lifestyle talk show featuring motorcycles, entertainment, charities and beer. He hosts one of the largest escorted motorcycle rides in Texas every fall for the Stevens & Pruett Ranch for Children and Animals working with at-risk youth rehabilitating rescued animals. “Outlaw Dave is your Friend”

2014 Inductee – Texas Radio Hall of Fame


Pam Kelly

She’s the one with an angel on one shoulder and a Tasmanian devil on the other. Witty, well-versed in a panorama of musical styles, a little silly, a little sassy, Pam is a solid radio pro. Not one to play favorites musically, she does admit to having an Alt Rock crush that won’t quit.


Rowdy Yates

Rowdy Yates is a second-generation radio guy. Born and raised in Texas, his resume reads like a who’s-who of legendary call letters. KIKK, KILT, KSCS and KVOO were all radio stations that benefitted from his bigger than life persona. Rowdy was a recipient of the CRB/Country Aircheck Personality of the Year award, recognized as Disk Jockey of the Year by The Academy of Country Music (ACM) and at only 38 years old, was the youngest person to ever be inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

Steve Robison

Steve has had success both as PD/Programmer and on the air. How about mornings at the BUZZ Houston with a Best Morning Show award to go along with it. Steve has a proven record managing and hosting several formats. He knows how to give listeners what they want to hear. Wit, enthusiasm and programming innovation is a plus for Steve and helps explain his many successes for ratings and revenue growth of stations under his command.

FMQB Top 50 Alternative Programmer / Houston Press Radio Station Of The Year 2010 and 2011 – KHJK

KTBZ Houston/KHJK Houston/KZFX Houston/WRAX Birmingham

Mark Carrillo

Over 40 years in radio, working Rock, Album Oriented Rock, Top 40, Country, and Adult Contemporary.

As a voice over artist, Mark is heard by millions from coast to coast every day,  on over 100 commercials monthly.

“I love to bring the funny, and smiles to listener’s faces.”

Mark worked his entire career in the nation’s 7th largest city, San Antonio.

2017 Inductee to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame

2015 Inductee to the San Antonio Radio Hall of Fame




In addition to his resume as a Programmer, Cruze has hosted Personality Radio shows in all dayparts at some of the most respected stations in the US. In addition to his on-air stints at stations including KTBZ/Houston, WFNX/Boston, WMGK/Philadelphia, and WQUE/New Orleans, Cruze also hosted the award-winning Music Podcast Radio Free Cruze, one of the first Music Podcasts ever created!

KTBZ BUZZ Houston/WMGK Philadelphia/WFNX Boston/WWDC Washington


I’m Tommy Jordan and very excited to be on The Brand. Been in cities such as Philadelphia PA, Allentown PA, Tulsa OK, Trenton NJ, and Frederick MD. Im a huge sports fan, baseball, football, hockey and sorta basketball. All Philly teams since I was born and raised in Philly. Look forward to entertaining you 7p – Mid on The Brand.


Ray Koob

Ray Koob has been a fixture in and around his hometown of Philadelphia for the last 30-plus years! His love of music, of all eras, is well-known among his longtime fans. His time behind the scenes in the record business brought him contact and interviews with dozens of the biggest names in Rock! He’s spent most of the 21st century playing great Classic Rock for his hometown on WMGK, but also worked during the ‘80s at WMMR. He’s currently also heard on WOGL, Philly’s Classic Hits station, but holds court nightly in “The Soul Kitchen” on The Rock!

WMGK/WMMR, Philadelphia/Friday Morning Quarterback/Sanctuary/CMC International Records

How is SUITERADIO delivered?

Synchronicity is the world’s first all-inclusive programming, advertising, production, and media distribution system utilizing a distributed computing platform explicitly designed for the broadcast industry.

Live with no satellites. The Synchronicity system creates a live program distribution network with capabilities that far exceed the most sophisticated satellite networks. Audio quality is second to none. Synchronicity’s RCVR Receiver, which we provide, integrates with any existing automation system. Forward loaded for 100% redundancy.


SUITERADIO delivers the highly-refined programming you need to win. You can set it and forget it – or, insert news, sports, weather, remotes, local announcements, specialty dayparts, etc. all with complete moment-to-moment flexibility.

Who is behind SuiteRadio?

Pat Fant

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

As architect and captain of some of the most influential major-market radio stations of our time, Pat Fant has become recognized as an influential figure in the business of high-profile radio. For over three decades, Fant has designed and built the enduring powerhouse brands that have dominated the major media markets of Dallas and Houston. Fant is a 2011 Inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and his station, KLOL was Billboard’s Rock Station of the Year. American Women in Radio & Television named Pat Fant Radio GM of the Year. Fant is a Beaty Award winner for broadcasting and holds both the New York Festival Award and Pro Max award for broadcast marketing. Education: University of Houston and Rice University’s Management Program.


President and Co-Founder

As one of the nation’s most respected music programming authorities, Cruze has decades of success programming top-rated radio stations in major markets across America. Cruze has become known as one of the foremost music programming experts in the industry. His interpretive skill with music research is second only to his programming instincts as a tastemaker. Agnostic to format, Cruze has standing as a music programming luminary and award-winning radio host personality.

The Fant/Cruze creative team built RFC Media LLC in 2009, a highly specialized creative content company that has become the leading developer and publisher of custom produced, digital radio stations for brands, events and ideas. RFC Media now produces over 40 Owned & Operated music format stations for TuneIn as well as a portfolio of Brand-Built-Media including custom stations for NASA, Time, Inc., McDonald’s Flavor Battle Radio as well as a full schedule of digital channels in support of major music festivals around the world.




SuiteRadio Launches Next Generation 24/7 Radio Format Service

Today’s announcement by SuiteRadio, a specialty broadcast and digital radio firm, marks the debut of the next generation of 24/7 full-service radio formats for broadcasters. SuiteRadio is produced by the creative team that built RFC Media, the leader in Brand Built Media for digital radio.

Co-founders Patrick Fant and Cruze, who together have led some of the most notable broadcast brands of our time, are the developmental force behind the two specialty formats released today. Fant was VP-GM of legendary KLOL, Houston, Rock 101FM, VP-GM KTBZ, The BUZZ 94.5FM and VP-GM KRBE, 104FM Houston. Fant was named Radio GM of the Year by American Women in Radio & Television (Texas) and is a 2011 Inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Cruze’ credentials include programing and air personality positions at WFNX/Boston, KTBZ (The Buzz)/Houston, DC101/Washington, WMGK/Philadelphia and WKBQ/St. Louis

THE PLANET, a hip, hit driven Hot AC and THE REVOLUTION, a perfectly balanced Alternative Rock are both hosted by veteran major-market air personalities, are totally customizable, are expertly researched and are offered either branded or unbranded. THE PLANET and THE REVOLUTION are delivered fully produced via Network Digital Decoder (included) without the need for a satellite receiver. The SuiteRadio broadcast service replaces local automation rather than interacting with it.

THE REVOLUTION is the beginning of a smart new concept in 24/7 format service for broadcasters, one that brings vitality and personality back to the presentation. SuiteRadio simply can’t be counter-programmed, and it’s now available to broadcasters looking for a format service that can help them be successful. When properly balanced, paced and presented.

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